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Mind Body Wellness Handbook of Geriatric Psychological Assessment and Treatment, Second Edition

handbook - cover imageThis essential handbook outlines the basic biopsychosocial paradigm that both informs and guides clinicians in the assessment and treatment process of the elderly in medical settings. The handbook establishes a theoretical basis for psychological assessment and treatment of older adults with serious physical and mental disabilities. The approach is collaborative and interdisciplinary with the client, family, and other health care providers. The approach is standardized but also self-correcting—i.e., the protocols are adaptable in order to meet the needs of residents in real life situations. The approach is "results-oriented," in that pre-, interim and post- assessments of measurable and meaningful progress are integrated into the overall therapeutic process and relationship. Finally the approach is compassionate, comprehensive and interdisciplinary.

The Assessment and Evaluation sections of the book examine components of the geriatric evaluation, specific assessment instruments (level of dysfunction and behavioral analysis, multidimensional pain and illness, psychosocial resistance to ADLs, cognition, personality and interpersonal style, and emotional measures), discussion and recommendations, diagnostic impressions, and general treatment goals.

Treatment and Intervention chapters provide the general guidelines of geriatric multimodal therapy, interventions, treatment and process, and medical necessity guidelines. Case samples that illustrate the complete course of care from the initial biopsychosocial clinical assessment and evaluation, initial treatment care plan, treatment interventions, follow-up assessment, to the specialized care plans are embedded throughout.

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