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Neoropsychological and Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations
Chronic Pain Management Maximizing Quality of Life
Clinical Gerontology & Consultation
Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology
Peak Performance Psychology

We are licensed clinical psychologists with a professional and personal interest in helping others reach their full potential. We have many years of experience helping individuals and families fulfill their potential whether they are dealing with professional or self- improvement isssues, learning to reduce and cope with debilitating pain or illness, improving peak sports performance, or evaluating and dealing with transition issues with the elderly.

We have combined our professional, personal, and research knowledge to develop state of the art evaluation, treatment, and coaching tools to assist you and your loved ones on your journey. Please visit our Services for more in-depth information about how we can assist you.

Our Mission

To provide integrated mind body services that promote quality of life, health, and peak performance in occupational, recreational, and medical settings.

To provide effective comprehensive psychological services that are grounded in cutting edge scientific research.

Mind Body Wellness Geriatric Assessment and Treatment Personalized Practice Templates (available here), are now available for your personal practice use for a one-time, online-purchase licensing fee. These "paper&pencil" templates include all the documentation forms you need for your geriatric/rehabilitation practice.

Mind Body Wellness Geriatric Rehabilitation and Restorative Assessment System (GRRAS) and the Mind Body Wellness Geriatric Rehabilitation and Restorative Assessment System; Software Portfolio (GRRAS SP) are available here, via Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR).

The Mind Body Wellness Handbook of Geriatric Assessment and Treatment, Second Edition (2009) is available for purchase online.

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