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Mind Body Wellness Peak Performance

Achieving and maintaining balanced success is not an ideal but a necessity for most professionals. Mind Body Wellness Peak Performance services provide confidential psychological coaching to help ambitious professionals working in high stress environments achieve and maintain personal mind body balance and productivity.

Our executive coaching program begins with:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your personal situation and desired goals.
  • Collaborative Action Plan with delineates monthly target goals that promote motivation, self-efficacy and lasting self-directed change.
  • Individualized Coaching and Consultation that produces results.

Domains of Peak Performance and Personal Excellence

  • Knowing What You Want: Clarification of your life’s purpose and operationalizing your priorities.
  • Developing and Maintaining Your Purpose Driven Time Management System
  • Maximizing your Body’s Potential through specific wellness skills training.
    • Development and maintenance of an integrated fitness routine that flows from your core values and life’s purpose.
    • An Integrated Balanced Fitness Training Program: Aerobic, Strength and Flexibility training that fits into your lifestyle and achieves your goals.
    • Structured Psychophysiological Restoration and Recovery Training: You learn skills of physical recovery which are measured my psychophysiological parameters.
    • Knowing your body type and achieving and maintaining your ideal health weight.
  • Maximizing your Mind’s Potential through specific wellness skills training.
    • Contemplative Meditation: Development and maintenance of a calm and compassionate mental orientation, which eliminates fear and irrational desires that often form barriers to realized success and peace of mind.
    • Discovering and Drawing from your core energy values which in turn form the basis of your personal drive towards success and true happiness.
    • Mind Body Restoration and Healing through Contemplative Meditation and Manifestation
  • Spiritual Integration: Actualizing Mind Body Wellness System within your Professional World.
    • Contemplative Meditation/Prayer: Development and maintenance of a compassionate heart and mind towards self and others.
    • Turning Willfulness into Willingness: Compassionate Success
    • Psychosocial Inventory & Skills Development: Assessing, Knowing, Developing, and Maximizing Your Social Skills and Resources
    • Existential and Spiritual Inventory: Assessing, Knowing, Developing, and Maximizing your growth toward your desired spiritual goal

If you are ready to take the next step, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

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