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The Mind Body Wellness Institute

The Mind Body Wellness Institute houses all the psychological and medical outcome development and research. Through the Institute, Drs. Roper and Clifford have developed a comprehensive and inclusive Multimodal Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to assess and treat behavioral and emotional suffering associated with medical and psychiatric co-morbidities. Numerous psychologist and mental health care providers have been trained and utilize the Mind Body Wellness model which is available internationally through the Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR).

Dr. Cipher, a leading researcher and nationally recognized biostatistician in geropsychological pain management and quality of life in long-term care, is an integral part in the Institute's ongoing investigation and outcome research. The Institute has published in international and national peer review journals and the researcher/clinicians present regularly at national and international professional conferences. Drs. Clifford, Roper and Cipher have provided continuing education for countless mental health and health care providers.

Products & Services

We offer a comprehensive training guide, the Mind Body Wellness Handbook of Geriatric Psychological Assessment and Treatment, Second Edition, assessment tools (available through Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR), and various education packages for mental health providers working with the elderly in long-term care facilities, assisted and independent living, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation programs, hospital or outpatient practices.

We provide an array of continuing education and training programs to physicians, nurses, certified nurses, and facility social workers working in long term care.

Mind Body Wellness Institute collaborates with top researchers and clinicians across the country. We welcome qualified researchers who are interested in ongoing research and development projects.

Please review some of our peer review journal publications to learn more about our ongoing geriatric, pain management, and assessment instruments.

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